Focus on Emotions and Feelings


The criteria that each person uses to judge people they meet for the first time is different, but most people will judge others based on their first impression of them. Sometimes we get a feeling of kinship or feel nothing at all and do not become close to them. While it might be difficult to define the criteria, because there is nothing you know about people you first encounter, it is true that all you can base your thoughts on is your first impression. Therefore, a good image is the first step in determining a person’s instant liking or disliking to another, so the first impression is a natural deciding factor for the mind.

I remember when the MP3 player first came into the market in the early 2000s. Due to the huge demand at the time, each brand launched new products each quarter with many added features, it was difficult to decide which product to purchase. However, after comparing all the functions, I ended up going with the Apple iPod. It was not that it had better functions than other products, but I was strangely attracted, from the beginning to the simple and clean design of the iPod. In particular, because it was so easy to operate the circular click wheel, other products with good functions failed to catch my notice.


Sometimes it is important to pay attention to this type of feeling and pull. This is because a good design is the first step in capturing the hearts of consumers. Also, because of this pull, this leads to the unconscious purchasing of the product without any other thought.

While marketing a product or service, a good design is the first element of a successful business. You can say that you will get an edge in competitiveness with just one design. Having a good design not only provides a good first impression to consumers, but it may lead directly to a purchase. Consumers unconsciously decide whether or not they will purchase something, then consciously rationalize their purchase decisions to themselves.

Worldwide enterprise Apple is the company that best utilizes this aspect. Of course, their product performance is excellent, but they focused more on design than performance, stimulating the consumer’s sensitivities, by delivering a certain feeling that would attract more purchases. This is how the Apple brand was built, marketing it differentiation through design, changing the hearts of consumers bit by bit, and now they have grown to be a top worldwide enterprise.

“Emotion is stronger than rationale when delivered to consumers.”

Eventually, you can say that marketing discovers the emotions consumers crave, and a decision is made depending on how the feeling is portrayed. Many people approach marketing thinking with their heads, but stimulating consumer emotions by approaching marketing through feelings will show more effect and raise the probability of success.


Marketing that does not reflect trends in design find it difficult to get attention from consumers. It is not that difficult to get in touch with the feelings of consumers by approaching them with a discernment of their lifestyle and new fashion trends and adding emotions to a newly packaged good design.