The Power of Influence and Impact of Social Media


Nowadays, everyone, regardless of age or gender, has at least one social media account. Facebook has been a very well-known channel, and Instagram has become popular in recent years for young people to interact with photographs. Social media has the advantage of being able to communicate with friends and share news online, many people are already using it, and it has spread rapidly over the past several years. From a recent lecture on Facebook targeting seniors, I realized that as many seniors have shown an interest in social media, not just young people. Although you cannot compare it with actually talking to family or friends in person, you are still able to interact online, and that can be very attractive to modern people living busy lives.

At some point in time, social media has become a key element of marketing. The biggest reason is probably that it makes such a large impact at a relatively low cost. In this rapidly changing world, social media is infusing and spreading and many people are focused on it, utilizing it as a good marketing channel. With people interacting in social media as a channel to form relationships and spread information through word of mouth to friends and acquaintances, we can see the effect of publicity. Not only is the reliability of marketing in this method superior to others, but it is also a great advantage to be able to communicate with each other through social media.


When I started social media marketing, there was a time when I was super focused on the number of followers I had. I believed that if I had many followers, I would get a lot of publicity, so rather than basing things around what my followers were interested in, I spent a lot of time and money on the numbers I could see.  However, what I felt after a few months was that the reaction of my followers was lackluster every time. Although I worked hard, I was working inefficiently. Because of social media marketing, appropriate contents and targeting are more important than the scale of the followers, you must base your marketing on your followers to get the response that you want.

I remember being very worried because as I continued my social media marketing for the next few months, I felt that there was very little growth. I was hoping to receive a lot of messages from my social media channels I was using to market, but I could barely get any “Likes” on my posts let alone receive messages. Despite having a good concept, I was worried that I did not have enough reach, compared to the number of followers, and I did not know the reason until I received reactions naturally later on.

On a brand page, unless there is a particular benefit, followers will not react by pressing the “Like” button on a post. It is best not to have a hasty expectation of increasing sales or receiving many inquiry messages through social media. This is something I always emphasize because marketing is about the brand rather than sales, the priority is to promote the company brand and build a good reputation. Through this, when you are able to get the maximum influx of traffic, you will naturally see results one by one.

“You can do anything, but you cannot do everything.”


Since social media is free, many think it is easy and that is often underestimated. However, just because anyone can do it does not mean everyone will be able to do it. Therefore, social media is not a guarantee of getting your desired results easily. It does have a great ripple effect and has tremendous potential to attract a customer base, if you use it properly, you will see greater results than any other marketing method.