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90 Minutes, $700.00 USD

We will learn about your business and give you an expert's point of view and solution on how to improve or repair your business.

Join us for a Coffee & a Consult – a casual meeting.
We can talk through a challenge you might be facing and some potential problems and potentially determine if we will be a great fit. 

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Business Meeting:

120 Minutes, $900 - $1,200

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Business Plan:

4 Times Per Month, $3,000 - $5,000

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Premium Plan:

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Through hard work and determination, ALC21 has established itself as a market leader in e-commerce consultation.

Our services integrate online sales process management, marketing, affiliate support and comprehensive business planning into a tailored package that is unmatched by competitors. We are so passionate, enthusiastic and determined that some of our valued clients describe us as thus. And we agree we are!
Our highly experienced team, start by developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and work assiduously to develop a custom  based e-commerce strategy tailored to the individual’s needs. 
Moreover, ALC21 will provide all the necessary resources, technology and expertise required to assist you excel in their business. ALC21 provides everything our clients need for an e-commerce business solution, at an affordable cost lower than that of our competitors, while still providing the quality and reliability they would expect. Our team help our clients to plan and manage every stage of the e-commerce process, to ensuring that their sales staff is set and motivated for the challenge, training and development of their team. More so, ALC21 carry out process implementation to assist our clients with lead conversion and total management of Amazon, EBay or other online marketplaces. 
We will help our clients in the general management of all their product listings by reporting and optimizing them within all marketplaces such as EBay, Amazon and other products/services in the markets not mentioned here.

ALC21 has proven its ability to deliver enterprise-level e-commerce solutions for businesses of any size. Because we are committed to customer satisfaction, we do everything in our power to making sure that our clients receive an outstanding experience on each and every touch-point within our business.  We have also partnered with the principal stakeholders in discovering and gathering feedback regarding the strategic analysis of the effectiveness of online marketing programs.
This, we do by assisting in enhancing, improving and expanding online marketing and sales efforts through in-depth data analysis and recommendations for improvements within the marketplaces. On a timely basis, we develop new methods and ideas necessary for growing online sales with the help of research and information gathering.
We at ALC21 invest our time and energy in our clients’ overall business plan and management. We do the general analysis of your business and assess its potentials online. We define creative, functional and technical requirements – now and in the envisioned future and oversee the daily running and performance of client’s online marketplace channels.
We are proud to have you as our client! We solve your e-commerce problems and deliver solutions that matter to you and your business by turning your challenges into opportunities.

Get in touch today and see what ALC21 can do for your business!

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