Video Contents that Everyone Notices


Nowadays, I see many people looking at their smartphones, even as they walk along the streets. There is even a new term coined for those so engrossed in their smartphones that they are completely unaware of their surroundings: “the smombie”. While it is completely fine to walk while listening to music, going on social media for live feeds, and watching videos, there are increasing concerns and demands for pedestrian accident regulations because users are fixated on their smartphone.

With the recent popularization of smartphones, video content can be conveniently viewed anywhere, anytime, and the demand for on-the-go filming is increasing each year. Could it be because videos enable efficient delivery of information to a large number of people in a short period of time and are able to convey messages that encompass reason and emotion, whereas in the past, content was delivered simply written? Even swiftly responding social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have recently been steadily expanding their live feed services and video platforms, and because of this, video content has become a marketing trend that has been attracting considerable attention over the past few years.

In the last few months, the part that had me most concerned, while running my mentoring program, was related to video content production. This is because not only do I not want to fall behind the trends, but I know that there is a lot of influence on video content that receives a lot of exposure. In terms of internet searches, YouTube is increasing in the frequency of Google searches in the past. In fact, there are over 1.8 billion YouTube users each month and it is only a matter of time before the number will exceed monthly Facebook users (2.2 billion). Additionally, video traffic is expected to account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.


This might explain why video marketing has recently emerged as an alternative to new marketing and is actually the marketing strategy with the highest click share. Is it due to the fact that it is a much more reliable and efficient way to deliver a message than via text or images? Because it is something that is not merely quoting someone else’s words, but a video along with someone’s voice, makes it much easier to build trust and establish a bond.

So, how would one go about starting the process of the recently trending video marketing?
Honestly, you do not need to produce a perfect video from the start. The reason that most people who start video marketing give up part way through is because they pursue “the perfect” video.  In producing videos like this, there are more complicated matters than people realize, as well as a higher cost than expected, so many people feel as if they have run into a dead end. Also, if you put a lot of money into making a video, such as CF (commercial film), that people think is boring and won’t watch, then it was for naught.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

How about starting things step by step? It is important to first practice by taking short videos on your smartphone. Unlike the past, smartphone users tend to be more interested in videos that they can relate to, even if it is a bit awkward, rather than simply watching a perfect video. In the same principle, on Instagram, photos that people can relate to, have a more positive response than a perfect picture. Why don’t you use this as a way to convey the value and story of the brand you want to portray? Also, it can be good to communicate occasionally with your consumers through the live feed video function. If you include introductions and feedback on products or services, or even a how-to-use video, to answer questions consumers have, they may feel as if you are communicating with them directly.


In truth, this is the era of video content. However, you must not forget that communication with consumers is the most important part of marketing. Because videos are the most appropriate marketing content to convey this, if you can deliver great experiences to your consumers, this will naturally lead to successful marketing results.