There is No Success without Change


For the last several months I have been planning a new business with business partners that I have had relationships with in the past. They have been considerably successful as businessmen, each has had sufficient experience according to their age, and have been operating their businesses in the black until now. However, over the past few years, when the boundaries between online and offline distribution have fallen, their businesses, which had been relying on deliveries and sales through the traditional offline method, were hit hard. While their businesses were stable, as the proportion of online sales increased, their stance on offline methods has begun to change. Therefore, not long ago, we came together to take a chance on an online business that was different from the traditional method.

The initial preparation process was very smooth. We first registered the company name and brand and established an Amazon account for sales. During the first six months, we focused on informing consumers on the emergence of our new brand and offering benefits to new customers through marketing. Sales occurred more quickly than expected, due to these efforts, so the partners who were a bit skeptical of online sales became inspired. We also started discussing the next step in earnest a few weeks ago. However, they do not feel the need for marketing and branding at all and are focused solely on sales, forming rifts in the partnership relationship.

What those who only focused on selling lots of products based on distribution experience over the past 30 years is simple. They want to bring in the business method used offline and sell directly to consumers online. Of course, they know things must change, but making a profit is their priority, so they want to change things little by little. In order to do this, they are of the opinion to halt the existing marketing we have put in place until now.


I am in no way denying the effectiveness of the existing method. However, what they must understand is that the very things that they are trying to postpone can make a much greater impact than they think. In the past, people with stable production lines and capital led in business, but now the trend has shifted to favor success to those who provide innovative products and services with new ideas. Also, along with existing customers, a new type of consumer with significantly different emotional purchasing needs has emerged, so being able to move the hearts of people has become a priority.

The time for competing simply with pricing or quality has now passed. Especially now that the quality and price of most products that are released are all around a certain standard and there is little difference among them. Ultimately, consumers end up purchasing the products of brands that they remember. This is why branding through continuous marketing is necessary to have the brand and its value ingrained in consumers. 

Future success depends on how much you can raise the value of your brand. This should be supported by steady marketing that allows prospective buyers to subconsciously think of your particular brand. The value of a well-constructed brand paves the way for consumers to unconsciously trust other products that come out in the future. Therefore, it is very important to create value from the very beginning.

“If you do not change, you cannot grow.”

The world is rapidly changing. We must be able to react instantly to new changes in this rapidly changing world. The biggest reason many companies disappear without a trace each year is because they cannot cope with new changes. Unfortunately, there are still many people who cling to the old ways, and those who are obtuse to change often go in the wrong direction and miss their chance for success. Is it not contradictory to desire success without accepting change?


In the end, you must be able to adapt quickly to change as you go forward. Also, you must not forget that in order to have business success, a strong brand and creative marketing strategies are integral parts of coming out on top in this fierce competition.