Weekly Column: 2017-10-27


It has already been more than half a year since I seriously started working in a new sector of business. Unlike the past eight years, where I focused on existing distribution, retail businesses, and sales, this year we started to focus more on the brand marketing sector. In truth, because brand marketing is the very process that comes before making sales, it may seem a bit backward. But I think that the message conveyed with the experience I have had until now may give me the opportunity and appeal to differentiate myself from others. While I was focusing on products before, it is now a priority to raise my value as a consultant and marketer regarding brand marketing, I have been living a very different kind of life for the past eight years.

As a result, I was flying everywhere. When I calculated the distance, I traveled via aircrafts in the last month it came out to 68,000 km. The circumference of the earth is about 40,000 km, so the distance I traveled is 1.5 times around the earth. Distance aside, I spent approximately 90 hours inside an airplane.  I started thinking about the value of spending approximately four days in an aircraft.  Although I did work on the plane, it is very difficult to work well in a tight space, and especially since I could not use the internet on the plane.  It was impossible to work properly. However, despite this inefficient work environment, sacrificing a lot of time like this is the right choice for me in order to reach my specific goals.


Most people try to use their time productively. Rather than just making plans and working hard for a goal, they invest minimum time and money and do their best to work in the most efficient way to achieve the best results.

However, the most important thing is not efficiency. While it is important to be able to work efficiently, in any given environment, it is more important to make a solid decision and work in an effective way to achieve results.

“Efficiency means that the process of achieving a goal is economic while effectiveness means to achieve the goal with the desired results.”

The first thing in marketing is to set clear goals through proper targeting. Only in this way can you achieve the right results. Ultimately, because only the results can prove value, it is important to work efficiently, but it is also important that results are prioritized and accompanied by efficiency. This is because marketing will ultimately be evaluated as a result rather than a process.


Efficiency used in the wrong way may interfere with the results. Working efficiently without the proper goals is a useless process. After all, the effect is important. Rather than first assessing how efficiently you are working, if you work from the evaluation of how effective something can be, the results for your goals will follow naturally.

Do not forget - in order to work as efficiently as possible, you must prioritize the effectiveness of achieving all the goals you set.