The Importance of Timing


Recently, large and small companies alike have been using social network marketing such as Facebook and Instagram to increase their exposure as well as promotions. Because it is not just publicity but the brand image that it controls, there has recently been a steady growth in customers who are interested in these areas and are requesting consultations.

However, it is a bit unfortunate that now they have come to the realization that this is something they need. Although when you think you're late getting on board, the most important thing is the gap created by those who merely follow what others are doing and the pioneers who lead the way. Of course, starting a new now does not mean you’re completely too late but it is better, time-wise, to start today rather than tomorrow. In order to reduce the gap with competitors, it is obvious that you will need more investments and efforts.

A few years ago, the electronic cigarette was released. In the summer of 2013, I attended the ASD trade show in Las Vegas, and of the thousands of booths, there were only two e-cigarette booths. I was thinking, as cigarettes are products that are linked to health issues, there may later be some legal restrictions with this product. Since it was a new product at that time and needed a venture, I figured it was worth trying out. Ignoring the advice of my partner who was trying to dissuade me by saying it was an uncertain gamble, I boldly bought the product and marketed until that autumn, succeeding in drawing consumer interest. Afterwards, that winter, I saw a great profit online and offline. Of course, before purchasing the electronic cigarettes, I was on the same page as my partner and it wasn’t as if there was no liability of risk. However, despite steady growth in demand, there were not enough supplies, and I estimated it would be a year before there would be any legal sanctions that would affect anything.


When we returned in the spring of 2014, there were over 300 e-cigarette booths. It’s natural that supply will increase as demand increases, but the most important thing to note, it had become quite easy to purchase e-cigarettes. As supplies increased, the price of e-cigarettes plummeted, but since we had already dipped our fingers into that market and were satisfied with our success, we were able to purchase other promising products and look at trends other than e-cigarettes.

Just a few months later, a policy prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes online, causing many online retailers to struggle.  By that time, we had already sold out of our supplies and no longer had them in our inventory. We were able to accurately predict what was coming and exhausted our inventory before then. If you are unable to read trends properly and do not understand what the multitudes want and need, this will ultimately lead to you throwing away your own opportunity of success.

This means that in the end, it is important to get the timing of marketing correct in order to see the proper effects. It is necessary to grasp and utilize the right timing of consumer demand in marketing.

Successful companies who read the trends of the time market by staying one step ahead of others will manage to create a profit. Only marketing that predicts trends and satisfies consumers’ needs will look to the future,  move consumers’ hearts, and propel them forward. In this day and age, consumers no longer stay on just one trend for too long. They consume things for a short time then soon search for another trend.  It is important to delicately tie marketing and trends together through forward-looking marketing and maximizing consumer exposure to bring in the most attention in a short period of time. Effective marketing is about maximizing consumer interest in a limited time frame.


Even now, as many businesses are succeeding in marketing on one side, other businesses are failing at it. If they knew the cause, wouldn’t they have different results? You’ll be able to experience for yourself the change when you read the times and market and utilize the most optimal timing to attract consumer attention and meet their needs.