Weekly Column: 2017-08-11

You earn as much money as you spend. The more you spend, the more you earn. This can be a very dangerous idea.

Most people spend money when they meet people and make connections. When I meet someone for the first time or meet with customers, there is usually coffee or a meal involved. If I go to a restaurant that I frequently visit or get service from somewhere, I usually leave a generous tip. I have experience on the other side where I received tips, and when I was younger, tips were not huge amounts, but they are good investments to get into the good graces of people. If you do this, you will receive more than you gave. For example, the next time you visit someone, they may give you an extra side dish or pay special attention to you because you have been good to them. Money aside, if you acknowledge their value and give them respect, you will receive a greater reward.

If you want to be treated well, you must treat others well first, and if you want to make relationships, you must acknowledge people first. Most people will respond well the next time they see someone who has treated them well. However, since you must give and acknowledge others first, you must take the initiative. When you make an important connection, it is advantageous to spend money first, offer first, and use a lot of money. Therefore, if the reaction of the other party does not meet your expectations, it can be you who decides not to pursue the relationship any longer.

In marketing, we can apply the same concept to our customers. While it is important to generate good content to attract customers, by first respecting them and showing them their value, you can encourage them to buy your products. Furthermore, when they buy the products, if you add a freebie or include a thank you letter, they will feel as if they are special to you. Customers who have their value acknowledged are compelled to give back by becoming loyal customers in the future or by telling others about the product. Statistics say that 92% of buyers trust the products recommended by friends and family over advertisements. Even though it is a small sum that you invest, just a bit more time you use, and just a bit of attention you give the customer, you will be able to see a greater result.

In the end, relationships are important, and it is important to invest in them. Pros value relationships while amateurs value money. Therefore, amateurs can never become pros if they do not invest in human relations and only focus on small amounts of money. The difference between an amateur and a true pro is how they treat others and what they get out of it.

It is foolish to live the same as others but expects a different outcome. That does not mean that if you have a different dream than others you will have a different future either. If you start now to approach customers with small investments and making good relationships, you will definitely see a change instead of having to stay satisfied with the current peace you have and risk losing great happiness in the future. Choosing a different future from others with a small investment; it may not be so dangerous to say that if you spend more, you earn more.