Weekly Column: 2016-12-23

A recent survey suggested that almost 80% of consumer spending is based on emotional decisions and only about 20% are based on logical choices. This means that the biggest motivator of buyer consumption lies in personal feelings or experiences rather than logical facts. When people feel more confident and comfortable in their shopping experience, they do not hesitate purchasing items.  If they feel they are being forced into buying something or have an upsetting experience, they will hesitate in making a purchase or not purchase anything at all.

This is why many online marketing experts add stories to their products or services. They infuse feelings to appeal to the emotions of consumers in order to entice them into purchasing the product or service.  By constantly communicating through social marketing, they create a personality that many people will follow.

It is very important for businesses to have a strong and lasting competitive advantage with online marketing to differentiate themselves from other companies. In order to achieve this, many companies take advantage of the expertise that online marketing experts provide them.  They will create advertisements that make their products or services more appealing to the consumers’ emotions.

Are you ready to take advantage of online marketing?  Those who have experience with online marketing know it is not simply setting keywords and investing in operating costs.  Those are just the basics. More importantly, there are data output and analysis, continuous communication with customers, and continuous reflection. Since there are so many things to consider, would it be wise to try online marketing on your own for a prolonged period of time? Are you ready to invest the time to learn the basics and run the risk of a list of different failures? Although it is important to learn and be aware of the process of online marketing, it is also very beneficial to work with the experts to divide the roles and responsibilities to make your marketing successful.

So what are the reasons you would need online marketing experts?

First off, you can use the time that you saved to focus on other important matters.

In any business, time is a fundamental asset. It is very important to utilize time to its fullest because the value of time depends on how it is spent. Since online marketing is especially competitive, professionals can save you a tremendous amount of time and stress.  Marketing is not everything to management, if you allocate marketing to the experts, you can focus your energy on other important areas, creating a synergistic effect. Why not use that time to create better content, develop new products, and communicate with customers? The effects will be greater if you invest your time in growing your business.

Secondly, online marketing professionals do not work alone but work in teams.

Experts from various fields such as design, marketing, web planning, etc. gather to discuss and create the best results. Communication with the business owner,  the ideas of the experts, and people in each field working together will create the best results that will make a win-win situation for everyone. In addition, people will be able to focus on the things they are more knowledgeable in during the limited time frame.

Finally, trends are never permanent, they are constantly changing.

Online marketing can be compared to a race without a finish line. There are those who pull ahead and those who fall behind, but there are no definite winners. Even though you have a great marketing idea, it is not always easy to gain the advantage and you may even struggle to stay ahead. Marketing experts will be able to detect the appropriate changes, gather information, and improve the direction of your marketing or find other alternatives. While it is important to fly high, it is just as important to go far.

The times have changed from purchasing things out of necessity in an era of consumerism. Now consumers demand continuous trust and good experiences when purchasing goods or services, rather than just a temporary patronage. Online marketing experts no longer think of consumers as people to just sell products, they are communicating with consumers in order to create a good rapport, grow together, and create loyalty.

They say that having a competitive advantage is like “bringing a gun to a sword fight.” The minor differences can create competitive advantages that ultimately determine the game. In the end, you must decide how much longer you want to keep up a tiring sword fight or would you rather have the gun. This starts with choosing an online marketing expert that you can trust and depend on.

It is a given that trust is not formed in just a day or two, but in finding a strong online marketing expert who will be able to guide your company to success and stability.  You'll have the best of both worlds in one.