Ikea's Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the most focused model for both small and large brands. While others are still scratching their heads looking for answers, others have already found the solution. Ikea knows where their customers are online, what grabs their interests, and how to get them engaged.

Through 2016, Ikea has passed over $36 billion in sales. Through customizing their marketing efforts, they are ready to grab a new generation of shoppers through cohesive, forward-thinking digital strategy.

Through their marketing genius, Ikea is one of the most recognized brands worldwide. From Singapore to Slovakia along with their center in Sweden, Ikea is on the top of the list for first-time buyers looking to fill up their homes with furniture.

They have over 200 stores throughout Europe and this past November, Forbes named Ikea as the 40th most valuable brands worldwide. They ranked ahead of other home brands such as Nеѕtlé, eBay, and MasterCard.

Ikea's motto “to build a better everyday life” is ingrained in every aspect of their business. Their focus is on making the company twice as big and twice a good by 2020. The company had already reached sales well over €28 billiоn in 2013. 

So how does a company that is leading in Forbes become even more successful? They use social media to connect with consumers and discover what they want and need and then start the process all over again. Although their customer service is already surpassed along with in-store purchasing, social media offers the brand a greater customer relationship with the company. Ikea has already started a new program to connect other businesses as one and established social media as the most important channel across departments, applications, and regions in a very intelligent way.

Being pioneers of digital marketing with their online catalog, that was downloaded more than 10 million times, they fully understand the value of online marketing and social media in order to win. They are now creating a Digital Development team working with the tech agency The Socializers to further increase their brand into a socially intelligent business operation.

Investment In Technology:

Even though they are investing in social activities in different departments and countries, data and the investment in technology to support their endeavors has not taken top priority. Ikea's communications manager stated that they begin with the customer and find out what is important to them. While many marketers consider second-hand data sufficient, Ikea takes their mission seriously by sending design experts to the actual homes of their customers.

Their “Life at Home Reports” addressed the daily routines in 8 different cities around the world. London, New York, Shanghai, and others, comparing the differences and similarities of the products being used by various customers within their lives. Through research, they have calculated how much time a consumer spends on social media, the news, their time at work, and even when they get up in the morning.

For greater success, all brands must come to terms with research and by understanding their audience. It will provide them excellent insight into boosting revenues through increased strategies that second-hand data is unable to do.

Recent studies revealed that customer activities including customer relevance, compelling stories, and content that provides a call to action will lead to content success. Ikea Home Tour has well over 95 videos and 450,000 views to develop effective and successful online content. Using YouTube on their U.S page shows their Ikea Home Tour Squad in the homes of individuals and families. Their team helped design areas that are difficult to furnish and engaged new ways for consumers to utilize their 95,000 + products.

More brands should be focusing on daily routines such as entrepreneurship by reaching out to and connecting with their audiences.